Blankets itli*, plush itlis, Linux penguins big enough to hide behind itli as well, despite their weight. However, also hard things, which just weigh little itli. If something only complies with one meaning of ‘itli and context does not provide enough hints, it can be specified that something ‘josok (is heavy) or ‘skede (is hard).

Example: Vinkuin’het tisa mi’itli ,mi’josok ykal, venil. (penguin cloth 3S-be_soft ,3S-be_heavy some, but.: The plush penguin is soft but it is heavy.) Audio file tomorrow. Currently, my flatmates are too loud. EDIT: listen

* As I mentioned already, I like state verbs and I like using rejistanian state verbs in English for reasons, which probably relate to immaturity 😉