I don’t know how this word got its meaning, but for me, it very loosely is related to the sensation of tasting something sour, only that the word originally meant bitter and I generalized it from that later on. I guess just because it it an adequate, onomatopoetic* expression of disgust after accidentally having bitten into a lemon.

The derivations of hinha are completely regular.

Example: Iseltu’het’ny min’hinha al. (Grapefruit-PL 3PL-sour very: Grapefruits are very sour) listen

* \begin{rant}I think it is odd that English has no word for this and instead has to loan it from greek while German has the wonderful term “lautmalerisch” (sound-paintingly) and rejistanian would probably just use a phrase like ‘dela reja vetix’het’mi (sound like its meaning). Even that is more elegant than this horrible greek word, which I not only cannot remember but want to use often, especially at times when my online dictionary is either down or unavailable.\end{rant}