I do not want to dwell on taste as much as on color, but here is the first one: xeku (as adjective, adverb and state verb) is the taste of fruit and sugar and honey. The comparison “sweet like chocolate” does not work in rejistanian* since the sweet character is described by the term siki**.

xeku’het: something sweet, also sweets
xeku’tan: sweetness
isuxeku’het: cake
lexad’het xeku: ice cream (lexad means cold)

Example: Ovik’ta’il xeku’het’ny hakim. (eat-NEG-IMP2S sweet-PL all: Don’t eat all the sweets) listen

* it however does succeed in getting the tune of “Sweet like chocolate” by Shanks & Bigfoot stuck in my head.

** siki is actually named after a TurboPascal unit which was used at my mother’s school and describes the person who created like 99%*** of it very well.

*** though he would never admit that so much was his work, but I onlz ported it and fixed a few constants.