It is again a word, which is rather regular, so boring, that I decided to do the more interesting hues first. The color brown is the color, which at least in one work of rejistanian music was associated with sadness. It makes about as much sense as to say that blue is used for that or grey. These emotions which are associated with colors are to a point arbitrary.

Talking about the idea of conlanging again: What language do you use for conlanging? I assume that most conlangers do know another another language. For me it is quite odd that I feel almost mute about my conlanging in German. I can translate from German inst rejistanian or from Rejistanian into German. But I cannot explain many things about the rejistanian language in German. It makes sense that this is the case since I read most about conlanging in English. This is something which worries me. When I will be less in contact with English, will it make conlanging harder? Or will I just, like my tutor at uni who studied in France, still think about this in the language I learned about this even 30 years in the future (even in the case I will not speak English at home because I married Boris*).

Example: Oasua’het mi’maru (dog 3S-be_brown: The dog is brown) listen (BTW: the sentence is stressed in a way as if to clear up a misunderstanding what maru’het referred to.)

*BTW: I tend to look at what search terms people use who come to the blog. Whoever searched for ‘rejistania Boris’ to reach this humble rejistanian blog, you made me laugh!