I have mentioned that word also already, but for completeness’ sake, I feel inclined to gie it an official posting. The adjective and the state verb mean that something is of a lighter shade of the specified color or of a light color in general. They also can mean that someone is white. Or well, of whiter skin than rejistanis. the traditional xen’ja min (we against them) mindset still manifests in Rejistanian in the utter lack of terms for foreign ‘races’* except for this one. But then, NationStates is such a diverse place that this is probably helpfully economic. If Rejistanis want to talk about smaller differences, they have to use more complicated expressions. An olive-skinned Asian person might be described as mi’inta reja Hexiha, ie: he appears to the eyes in the Hashi manner (Hashi referring to another country in NationStates) and Jahane San might be described as kireshi ykal (a bit kireshi).

Example: Oejelu’he tae jilih mi’lija ,jyxe’het’ny’xe min’vasu suene’ta, het. (Beautiful_person white this 3S-cause ,eye-PL-GEN1S 3PL-become true-NEG, this: This beautiful white person makes my eyes become unfaithful.) I guess this is what someone could say when s/he admits oggling other people of the preferred gender. Notice also how s/he tries to distance herself/himself from the action. 🙂 listen

* see earlier rants.