Another word so easy and so regular, that I can only make it a real blog entry by straying into unrelated territory. Black people! The term for black people in native languages which were made into Rejistanian were missing for the same reason why Kamakawis had to loan a word for summer from Zhyler: There was nothing to compare to. When all the humans you met in your life are dark-skinned a word for `black’ (or whatever the current politically correct term is) is just not neccessary, human suffices fully. When Rejistanis met whites, they thus also had to invent names for their race*. The one which made it into Rejistanian was xala’he’ny.

And I should mention that Najajara Ynu is a soccer club, well-known for its obscurity. 😉

Example: Najajara Ynu mi’la’jisu Karela Lines. (Najajara Black 3S-PST-defeat_highly Karela Yellow: Najajara Ynu trashed Karela Lines.) listen

* \begin{rant}Yes, I know the politically correct talk about the fact that there are no human races, only homo sapiens sapiens. They are right, but until I find a better term to describe the difference between a bushman and a person of western european heritage, I will probably use that word incorrectly for this difference when it matters. I agree that the heritage of a person should not matter just as the looks should not, but all too often, it does.\end{rant}