This is a word, which IMHO sounds like the thing it represents. I know that it is a completely irrational association, but to me, kimi sounds whiter than ‘white’ or ‘weiss’ or even ‘blanka’. Please note that skin colors are not black and/or white. People who we would call ‘whites’ are (in descending politeness) Tae’he’ny, Makin’he’ny and Komanu’he’ny. It is unfortunate that there are these kind of prejudices against the whites, especially of course the Kireshi in Rejistania. Rejistania is not the Mary-Suetopia many people think it is, as such, the reaction to many refugees with white skin was often somewhat hostile. The term Komanu’he (ie: foreigner or stranger) is especially offensive to Rejistanians with Kireshi heritage who lived in Rejistania for generations. However the racism is far from reaching apartheid-levels. One of the members of the Kenlentine’het rejistaniha is half-kireshi (and I insist that her similarities to Obama and Hillary Clinton are coincidental).

Example: Dejeni’het’ny kimi min’lija ,hunu’het mi’han, het. (surface white 3PL-cause ,dirst 3S-towards, this: White surfaces cause dirt to get there) listen