Orange is a nice color. It is one of the colors of the rejistanian flag and had been since the beginning.

Orange, White and Blue or Junis ji Kimi ji Omeh were the colors of the rejistanian flag in almost all of its instances (during the karelan government, and the fragmentation, white was not part of the flag designs).

The national soccer team always was called the Junis-Omeh’he’ny or Orange-Blues, the 4 times NationStates WorldCup Champion. The lasane’het where great players like SyLy, SyMji, Nana Kansu, Jenji Y and Xeseja Su played for.

We can just say that these 2 colors, Orange and Blue, are the colors associated with Rejistania most. They are the ‘black, red, gold’ of Germany or the ‘red, white, blue, of France, the USA and the UK.

Example: Junis’tan litiku’het’ra rejistaniha mi’vetix xkeja’tan. (Orange flag-LOC rejistanian 3S-mean tolerance: The orange in the rejistanian flag stands for tolerance*.) listen (the majority of votes wanted MP3, so here is the MP3. It did not help the quality at all.)

*It does since it refers to the color of the rising sun, which rises for every human.