IMHO an ugly color! Forcing girls to wear it is IMHO cruel! Thinking that something is a product for girls just because you made it pink is even more cruel. So is assuming people like pink just because they have 2 X chromosones.

I often see pink and violet confused, or rather: see people call something pink which clearly is nitel (violet). If is is rather blueish, it is nitel, if it is, well, PINK, then it makins. Not that it matters too much: both colors are IMHO ugly, but I am aware that people differ.

Example: Tisa’het’ny makin min’tesixu al! (clothing*-PL pink 3PL-ugly very: Pink clothing is very ugly) listen

Thanks to Mikoangelo for providing hostage (SCNR) for the audio files. I will try my best to keep them tiny.

*tisa’het is not a mass noun like information or rice in Rejistanian. One tisa’het is one unspecific item of clothing.