Another straightforward word, another completely regular derivation. Veran’tan is the color of nature, but also that associated with traffic due to green traffic lights. Veran’tan xala (dark green) is part of the colors of the city of KaMaRi (dark green, white, blue). And of course, Rejistania’s Esperanto movement uses the litiku’tan ethana veran (green star flag). Esperanto is quite a common language in NationStates, so the Esperantists are far less of a strange minority than in real life.

Yes, veran happens to be similar to the esperanto word verda, but this is just by accident.

Example: Sunhe mi’la’renhi tisa’het sinu veran sistenha’het’ra hame? (who 3S-PST-add clothing foot green system-LOC clean: Who put the green sock into the washing machine?) Well, veran’tan tae (light green) is so much better than kimi’tan (white). 😉

BTW: would anyone be interested in me speaking the Example sentence of the say for y’all?