When I talked about yellow snow, I already mentioned this word. This is one of the few words, non-rejistanis tend to know. Not only because it is an odd word* and a faux cognate to the plural of line, it is also part of the name of the maybe most infamous rejistanian soccer club: “Karela Lines“. Some explanation is required here: Rejistania is a nation in the online game NationStates. In the NationStates-equivalent of the Champions League, the first-ever participating team was this amateur team from KaMaRi kali**. The fact that they had very low-scoring games there led me to roleplaying them as a very defense-oriented team. And slowly, the term ‘karela‘ started to mean pretty much this: defensive soccer. It went to the point where this term left Rejistania and got loaned into the various IC languages of other sports roleplayers. And used OOCly. It probably still is what people associate with the -tani — besiders the strange rejistanian language of course 😉

Example: Jasam’het’ny lines min’vetix lelej’tan. (Flower/blossom yellow 3PL-mean hope: Yellow flowers symbolize hope.)

*I thought about how to call ‘yellow’ while inline skating and got this idea while/immediately before falling down. Seriously.

**KaMaRi is an abbreviation for Kalimnintan-Maiju-Riandu, Karela is a quarter of this city.