‘javuke and javuke relate to javuke’het, which is mud. This is probably the first time that I show a word where the rest of the derivation does not exist per se. This does not mean that they cannot be formed, of course not. It just is as odd as talking about “Unabsteigbarkeit” or “unrelegatability” in German or English. (Now that I think about it: javuke’tan or muddiness makes some kind of sense in usage. Still not sure about the ‘he form).

The rejistanis, who live in the tropics never actually experienced snow on their islands, thus the term for snow only was coined recently: javuke’het kimi, which literally means “white mud”. Which brings us to the discussion which sparked the current Rejistanian Word of the Day: How do you say ‘yellow snow’ in Rejistanian?

The term which was proposed by Cassowaries was immediately: “javuke’het kimi ,mi’aru lines, het” or, in the state verb version, which I prefer: “javuke’het kimi ,mi’lines, het“, ie: snow, which is yellow (or which yellows). Xen’ni ‘vasu rakax ,xen’ni’ta ‘vasu munali, venil (1PL-MUST (INF)become old ,1PL-must-NEG become mature, but: We must get older but we don’t have to become mature).

Maturity or not, this is an excellent way of saying it.

Example: Tes’il javuke’het kimi ,mi’vasu lines, het. (get_away-IMP2S mud white ,3S-become yellow, this: Get away from snow which becomes yellow).

On a completely unrelated note, here is something from IRC:
< Rejistania> BTW: how crazy is it that I am happy to the point of breaking down, crying for joy because someone actually is learning rejistanian?
<@CeeDee> completely batshit?
<@CeeDee> though hey, you never know, you could succeed where Esperanto failed.

It shows IMHO that many people think that I plan rejistanian as an auxlang. Nothing like this is true. I do joke about rejistanian being a world language in 2200, sure. But realistically, I am aware that the concept of an auxlang is not possible in the current times. When it will be possible by learning a language by installing another mental plugin, it might be possible, but at that time, the current auxlangs will through use have become much more irregular and strange than they are now. Rejistanian is not an auxlang per se. It is an auxlang in a fictional setting, but if people actually wanted to use it on a global scale, if the first rejistanian classes are offered in Burkina Faso, I would doubt that the world is sane, I mean, even more than I doubt it normally already. The fact that people learn rejistanian is very amazing. Creating a language and finding some positively mad people who actually learn it is like digging a hole to plant a tree and finding a treasure there.