My productivity has reached rock-bottom and decided that it was a great plan to use a jackhammer, my plan to sing Still Alive for y’all was foiled by my cough. The fora, I procrastinate in lack lekie threads, and while the idea of a Stroop test in the respective conlang of a person might be an interesting idea to test the fluency of the conlanger and maybe give a bit more relevance to the idea of conlangs, I am not feeling eloquent enough at the moment to make an actual posting about this… so I decided that I was desperate enough to share some old rejistanian music with you. The song, which I only know as Al la barikadoj to be exact.

It is in very colloquial rejistanian. But then, these people are anarchists, they will consider the juniversiti rejistaniha just as much unwanted authority as the rest. It is also not a specific translation of the esperanto version, I had to take liberties and thus mixed themes from the English and German translation in as well.

Hiju’ny kamex mi’xumaj xilat’ra
Cloud-PL grey 3S-storm sky-LOC
Grey clouds storm through the sky

ji hela’tan hunu mi’usanhi mesu’han.

and air dirty 3S-cover visible-ALL.
and fog covers the sight.

Xen’lanja’sanja’ta sijiv’jet sijehi
1PL-SUBJ1-live-NEG day-TEMP tomorrow
and maybe we won’t be alive tomorrow.

,xen’ki’kaji shensa’ja ji nijev’ja, venil.
,1PL-FUT-fight power-AGAINST and oppression-AGAINST, but.
but we will fight against power and oppression.

Linux mi’halen al altenany.
Freedom 3S-be_important much AUGSUP.
Freedom by far matters the most.

Xen’ni ‘divensi tesha min xalki’sy.
1PL-must (INF)defend always it valiance-INSTR.
We must defend it valiantly.

Salan’xen litiku linux tekne hakim!
Up-IMP1PL flag freedom world all!
Let’s raise the flag of liberation of the world!

Xen’han erid shensa’ta jilih anik nim.
1PL-towards ideology government-NEG this low courageous.
We courageously move towards anarchistic ideology below it.

Han’xen varikada! Han’xen varikada!
Towards-IMP1PL barricades! Towards-IMP1PL barricades
To the barricades, to the barricades!

Sidekhir’xen viki’han konvideratim!
Reach-IMP1PL victory-ALL confederation!
Let us reach the confederate victory!

Konvideratim here is a proper noun for this specific side in this specific conflict. Confederations would probably just be subsumed under the ‘federate’ root.