Without further ado: here is the last stanza.

Han’il, tes’il xe.
onwards-IMP2S, away_from-IMP2S 1S.
Go ahead [and] leave me.

Xe’lanja’kaska ‘kelda namin.
1S-SUBJ1-prefer (INF)remain here.
I prefer to remain here / I think I prefer to stay inside.

Il’lanjamesit’hax hariri’he’ny.
2S-SUBJ4-find helper
You might find a helper / Maybe you’ll find someone else To help you

Lekmesa lanja.
Black_mesa maybe.
Maybe Black Mesa

Xe’xikini ,hehe, kita.
1S-joke ,haha, never(FUT).
This was a joke, haha, never / fat chance.

Isuxeku’het jilih mi’oki’oejelu.
Cake this 3S-CERT-beautiful.
The cake is a pleasure to the senses* / Anyway this cake is great It’s so delicious and moist

Xe’ena’ta ‘naknak ,ekeki mi’kilan, jet.
1S-require-NEG (INF)chat ,science 3S-wait, TEMP
I do not have to talk while science waits. / Look at me still talking when there’s science to do

Xe’ki’oki’isin ,xe’aru’ta il, het.
1S-FUT-CERT-be_happy ,1S-be-NEG you, this.
I will surely be happy that I am not you / When I look out there It makes me glad I’m not you

Xe’ki’va tesi’han. Xe’sikire ki’tan
1S-FUT-make test-ALL. 1S-develop knowledge
I will work towards tests. I will develop knowledge / I’ve experiments to be run There is research to be done

hej’ny’sy ,min’sanja kimda, het.
people-PL-INSTR ,3PL-live still, this.
using the people who are still alive. / On the people who are Still alive.

Mesu’il ,xe’sanja kimda, het.
See-IMP2S ,1S-live still, this.
See that I am still alive / And believe me, I am still alive.

Xe’sikire ,xe’sanja kimda, jet.
1S-develop ,1S-live still, TEMP
I will develop [something] while still being alive. / I’m doing science and I’m still alive

Xe’isin ,xe’sanja kimda, jet.
1S-be_happy ,1S-live still, during
I am happy while still being alive / I feel FANTASTIC and I’m still alive

Il’ixunus ,xe’sanja kimda, jet.
2S-die ,1S-live still, TEMP
you [will] die while I am still being alive. / And while you’re dying I’ll be still alive

Il’elu’ta / ,xe’sanja kimda, jet. / 2x
2S-be_named-NEG ,1S-live still, during.
Your name will have been called for the last time while I am still alive, while I am still alive. / And when you’re dead I will be still alive, still alive, still alive.

* ‘Beautiful’ has a strong visual connotation in English. In Rejistanian, oejelu (and ‘oejelu) can also refer to well-tasing food, well-smelling perfumes, good music and pleasant textures.