I mentioned this already in the translation yesterday, but I wanted to make it a make it visible not only for those who read translations of internet memes. Oejelu (and ‘oejelu) does not only mean ‘beautiful’ (which is a mostly visual and probably also auditory term), but in general pleasant to any sense. It does also share the idea of abstract beauty. An elegant mathematical proof or an elegant algorithm can ‘oejelu as well as they can be beautiful. The derivations are perfectly regular.

Maybe it is time to introduce another concept: intentional holes in the vocabulary. These are things, where rejistanian has no word for. They exist in natlangs as well. The English lack kandidieren and unabsteigbar, the Germans lack cherish and frown. One of the holes, which rejistanian has is a lack of a word for art. This specific hole exists because I think that art has been defined so broadly that everything and nothing is art by now. Unless there is a specific definition which can be agreed on by 2 persons, I can’t even think of the word art (or Kunst) well enough to rejistanize it. So what would you do when attempting to translate the word art? Think of what you mean at this specific moment and say that.

Example: Jada’het jilih mi’oejelu. (song this 3S-beautiful)