One of my readers asked me to do a posting about internet memes in Rejistania. I have not forgotten that, but it is rather hard because I would have to explain colloquial rejistanian first.

Generally, the rather verbose affix system is reduced to what is needed to understand someone If written, the apostrophe (or as rejistanis would call it: kulsi’het) is omitted unless before and after the stem of the word. Lolcats are allowed to omit these kulsi’het’ny as well (if you are not a lolcat, you just look stupid if you do this). However even lolcats retain the apostrophes indicating the infinitive.

What does that have to do with the current Word of the Day? Mainly that there is no impersonal ‘it’ or ‘there’ in rejistanian. Don’t get me wrong: They do use jilih quite often, but only if it refers to something. Otherwise, there have to be different constructions. One of these uses ‘aru or rather: its negation. ‘There is no X’ becomes X mi’aruta. Even lolcats would not make that “*X aruta”, but there is something worse than lolcats: People who do not speak rejistanian. Which brings us back to the topic of internet memes. “*Hakim aruta” (everything does not exist) was what a subtitle-translator made of “all cancel” in a film about a woman stranded in a third world country which experiences an economic crisis. And this or the more general “X aruta” has become a meme in the rejistanian-speaking parts of the internet.

Other derivations of ‘aru:
aru: existant, also current
aru’tan: existance

Example: Isuxeku’het mi’aru’ta. (cake 3S-be-NEG: There is no cake.)