Here’s stanza 2!

I am certainly calm / I’m not even angry

Xe’tanmi il’han xuka jilih.
2S-be_honest 2S-ALL this-ABL.
I am honest to you about this / I’m being so sincere right now

Il’uvuk xe ,mi’halen’ta, venil.

2S-betray 1S ,3S-be-.important-NEG, but.
You betrayed me but that does not matter. / Even though you broke my heart and killed me.

Il’riva xe him[‘ny]’han. Il’ata hakim ariv’het’han.
2S-split 1S piece[-PL]-ALL. 2S-discard everything fire-ALL.
You tore me to pieces. You discarded everything in a fire / You threw every piece into a fire.

Xe’la’ariv, xe’la’tore ,xe’isin il’han, lija.
1S-PST-burn, 1S-PST-hurt ,1S-be_happy 2S-ALL, because.
I burned, I felt pain because I was happy for you. / As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you.

Eha’het’ny jilih min’vasu nenvy’het
number-PL this 3PL-become line.
These numbers become a line

Xen’la’uta ‘kesi. Kemas mi’sumik’jet.
1PL-PST-finish (INF)test. Version 3S-be_punctual-TEMP.
We stopped testing. The release is punctual. / And we’re out of beta. We’re releasing on time.

Xe’elu kiladi. Xen’misun het’ny siki

1S-be_named Kiladi. 1PL-discover thing-PL nice
I am named Kiladi. We discovered nice things / So I’m GLaD. I got burned. Think of all the things we learned

hej’ny’han ,min’sanja kimda, het.
person-PL-ALL ,3PL-live still ,this.
for the benefit of the people who still live / for the people who are still alive.