Yes, some of the words are randomly choosen, quite literally BTW. I find it quite hard to use some kind of overarching theme. I always want to show neat things. In this case, I want to indicate that for moral actions, the general terms and the instance related terms are in 2 different classes.

mekuv: related to theft
mekuv’he: thief
mekuv’het: (an instance of) theft
mekuv’tan: (the crime of) theft, deprivation

And, yes, I am working on the 2nd stanza of “Still Alive”.

Example: Erid’he’ny shensa’ta min’emi ,extani’tan mi’aru mekuv’tan, het.
Commited_ones-PL government-NEG 3PL-have_opinion ,taxation 3S-be theft, this.
Anarchists opine that taxation is theft.