This is a rather straightforward term. It covers all methods to get letters, ideograms onto a surface or into a material. Typing is ‘dimil, writing with pen and paper is ‘dimil and carving an inscription into stone is ‘dimil as well.
For texts which require a high mental effort, ‘odavisko (to formulate) is used.

Dimil means wirtten or related to writing or alphabets.

Dimil’he refers to someone who writes

Dimil’het is a unit of writing, a letter, syllable or ideogram

Dimil’tan means writing or handwriting.

Copying a text is ‘dimilxi (a compound of “write” and “2”), a kehmadimil’het (compound of kehma’het for “flat thing” and “related to writing”) is a clipboard. Kemas’het dimil (which literally means “version of writing”) is capitalisation. A line of text is a nenvydimil’het, an alphabet is a rejadimil’het which means a method of writing.

Printing has a special term: ‘sisdimil which is derived from sisdimil’het (printer) which is just an abbreviated sistenha’het dimil ie: a system/device for writing.

Example: Il’ma ‘dimil ki’tan’il hakim him’het’han mje vesiju itli. (2S-be_able (INF)write knowledge-GEN2S all part-ALL one paper soft.)
You can write your entire knowledge onto one segment of toilet paper.