Conlanging is fun, and some of its pleasures are simple. Like forgetting the words of a song and singing something rejistanian which vaguely fits the meaning and probably then expanding it into a real song translation. So just for fun: an attempt to translate the first stanza of Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton:

Jilih mi’yri.
This 3S-succeed
This succeeds / This was a triumph

Xe’dimil namek’het: “MI’DARY!”
1S-write reminder-HET: “3S-be-.excellent!”
I write down as a reminder: “It is excellent” / I’m making a note here: “Huge success!”

Xe’ma’ta ‘alhanija isin’tan’xe.
1S-be_able-NEG (INF)exaggerate happiness-TAN-GEN1S.
I cannot exaggerate my happiness / It’s hard to understate my satisfaction.

Avetu Hsyji
Aperture Science

Xen’va ,xen’ni, het ,xen’ma, lija.
1PL-do ,1PL-must, this ,1PL-be_able. because.
We do what we must because we can.

Sjihe mi’rala’tinhu ixunus’he’ny’veri.
Everyone 3S-PASS-be_advantageous dead-HE-PL-ABESS
Everyone benefits except the dead ones / For the good of all of us except the ones who are dead.

Xen’ena’ta ‘sil ,ulu mi’juku’ta, het.
1PL-require-NEG (INF)cry ,something 3S-work-NEG, this.
We do not have to cry if something does not work. / There is no use crying over every mistake.

Xen’itera ‘najny ,ovik mi’jaliex, jet.
1PL-continue (INF)try ,food 3S-suffice, TEMP.
We continue while there is food. / You just keep on trying until we run out of cake.

Xen’va ekeki’tan. Xen’ines svenha salan

1PL-do scheince. 1PL-invent gun big
We do science. We invent a big gun / And the science gets done and you make a neat gun

hej’ny’han ,min’sanja kimda, het.
person-PL-ALL ,3PL-live still ,this.
for the benefit of the people who still live / for the people who are still alive.