Sorry, could not resist! Boris, this is all your fault!

lelej: hoped, related to hope
lelej’he: someone who hopes
lelej’het: something which is hoped for
lelej’tan: hope

There are 2 possible constructions with lelej.
Via infinitive: Xe’lelej ‘kanvali universiti’het’tes: I hope that I graduate from university/I hope to graduate from university.
Via subclause: Xe’lelej ,xilat mi’ki’ekura’ta, het: I hope that it will rain (rejistanian has no impersonal it and so the sky has to do the raining).

The usage here is as in English so I will not say anything more about it unless someone asks 🙂

Example: Xe’lelej ,jilih mi’juku, het. I hope that this works.