This is similar but not the same as ‘jaliex. A program can be The Daily WTF worthy but still compile. Take this neat piece of code. It compiles, so it is jaliex, it however makes you go ‘WTF was this guy/gal/sentient penguin SMOKING‽’* and as such it does not exactly ‘kydi. On the other hand, a text might be perfectly kydi but miss the topic and thus not ‘jaliex.

A kydi’het (or a kydi’he, even though that word is mostly used in the negation) is kydi or makes sense.

Kydi’tan means coherence or sense.

Example: “Ameri’het’il hasejel mi’kydi’ta.” – “Mi’jaliex ji mi’juku ji mi’kadani.” (text-HET-GEN2S command 3S-be_coherent-NEG. – 3S-be_cromulent and 3S-function and 3S-suffice. Your code makes no sense. – It compiles and it works and that is enough.)

* whether or not it is followed by ‘and where can I get some of that‽’ remains up to you.