Bandwagon time for me? Not today. I like to jump on any bandwagon which rolls on the aggregator, but this time, I used something yjatek (related). This does not mean that the words are relatives, of course, but this is not what this word implies. The rejistanis use a different word for ‘to be related to someone by family ties’ (which would be heska) and ‘to be in any other way associated with’ (which is yjatek).

Yjatek’he does not work without stated or impled adjective. An yjatek’he oyki is someone who is related to ones work (which is oyki*): A coworker, a boss, a supplier, a customer, etc. Yjatek’he’ny jasika are stakeholders in a company.

Yjatek’het is similar in meaning, but, as the suffix indicates, it refers to a thing, not a person.

Yjatek’tan is a relation. This can be a mathematical relation, actually, this was how I first, in caffeine- and sleep-deprivation envisioned the word’s meaning. Yjatek xuvsu** thus means directly proportional.

Example: Lejen’het’ny yjatek eksami’het’xe mi’la’dekesa. (The books for my exam have disappeared)

* it is often slani as well, but that is another issue. 😉
** xuvsu means ‘each’ or ‘for each’.