Some words make me wonder how we ever gotten along without them. One of these is in my opinion the word cromulent. Yes, it is a neologism from the Simpsons, but it spread from Springfield into the real world. MC Frontalot used it (yes, I like both Ambient and Nerdcore music) and so do the IRC channels, I lurk in.

Rejistanian also has a word like cromulent: jaliex. Its meaning is probably a bit wider: source code jaliexs if it compiles, a submission is jaliex if it meets the standards, a file is jaliex (the adjective and the state verb have the same meaning) if it can be opened by a program, behavior is jaliex if it is within the social expectations. jaliex’het is something which, well, is jaliex, a jaliex’he behaves jaliexly and jaliex’tan is cromulency, validity, syntactical correctness … you get the idea.

Example: Il’la’dori xe’han ameri’het hasejel jaliex’ta kemas’het’sy’mi ines ytinvisko’het. (2S-PST-give 1S-ALL text-HET command acceptable-NEG version-HET-INSTR-GEN3S new compiler-HET: You gave me code which is not syntactically correct in the new version of the compiler.)

I think this shows that Rejistanian is not a language in medieval/magical stasis but instead has arrived more or less in the real world. This is not only because I keep a diary in this language and that means that terms like sistenha’het nijev kemas (version control system) or tansa’het (aeroplane) are required. but also because I never really understood the fascination of medieval squalor and the natural fallacy. My glasses are not natural but I would not give them up to live more naturally, my computer… don’t even THINK about suggesting that I give it up. Rejistania is not quite modern tech, but it is similar and while it has its issues, it is not as impoverished as Middle Earth would be.