shensa’het: [authoritarian] government
shensa’he: king

Mi’shensa tani’het sa. (3S-rule country-HET seven: He rules the seven kingdoms)

‘shensa and related forms have a strong authoritarian connotation. A democratic kovomin’het (government) would not use ‘shensa but ‘lentine (represent).

Small grammatical tidbit related tot the sentence above: like in Turkish, the plural suffix ‘ny is omitted when a number follows.

Bandwagons are nice and thus, when David J. Peterson announced that he is the person behind the Dothraki language, I thought participating in the hype was okay.

\begin{rant}On the other hand and despite all the positive things, which it brings for conlanging, I have to admit that it makes my guts clench. I am one of these cave-dwellers who considers many things of the modern world bad. Mainly among these is the entertainment industry. These people are IMHO these first to be put against the wall when the revolution will come*. I believe that their views on copyright are extremely harmful to society and that they tend to be hypocrites who do not practice what they preach. This annoys me greatly. I can accept someone being a morally bankrupt slani’he**, but at least be honest about that. I think that the example of Na’vi and Klingon shows that the film industry seems to see copyright not as the right of the creator, but as a way to make money. I hope that the contract of Peterson is not one where he has to ask for permission to use the language himself or has to put up with slani’he’ny selme who do not know an infinitive from an imperative make the dialogue in the sequel. I think that would be worst (and happened to Klingon already).\end{rant}

*I was using a literary quote to make a point, not advocate violence against anybody.
**the translation for slani in my dictionary is a series of punctuation characters 😉