After a new encounter with the (in)famous Janko Gorenc, I thought about numbers. To explain the significance: He collects numbers of natlangs and conlangs and has an incredible collection of them. Rejistanian is not as weird as you could be when numbers are concerned. It has a base of 10, does not reverse the order of numbers like my native German (ie: dreihunderteinundzwanzig, literally threehundred one and twenty for 321), it does not have many irregular ordinal forms, and not the very complex Japanese system. It does have an informal way to name numbers over and including 1 million which gives the various powers of 10 the names of the more infamous ministers of finance and central bankers, who were considered responsible for the various financial crises and hyperinflations.

However, Rejistanis do have a rather strange idea of when a number is. A telephone number or a PIN would not be called an eha’het (number) but a xivire’het. In general, any number which is only used for identification is not an eha’het but a xivire’het. Eha’het is only used if you can meaningfully use mathematical operations on the number.

Other derivations:
eha’het jiha: pi (literally: number circle)
eha’het lerat: price (literally: number sell)
eha’tan: value, amount
‘ehasalan: to get relegated (sports), to increase (number)
‘ehaanik: to get promoted (sports), to decrease (number)
‘ehasi: to be worth

‘ehasalan and ‘ehaanik refer to the numbering system of leagues. The first rejistanian soccer* league is called H1SR or Heven mje’het sekhika rejistaniha (league one-ORDHET soccer rejistanian). So if you get from the 1st to the 2nd league the number of the league rises. Which is what ‘ehasalan also means.

Lejen’het mi’ehasi kitivalha ly. (book-C1 3S-be_worth Kitivalha 3: This book is worth 3 ¤KT.)

*\begin{rant}Yes, I know that the British readers might want to correct this term, but no, soccer is not as ambiguous as football and I do not want to adhere to an ethnically correct language but be understood. Thus, please do not flame me for this use of term.\end{rant}