Kivetu means calm in the sense of ‘calm mood’, people can be kivetu, music can be kivetu, however water cannot be kivetu but is hjani (which means ‘agreeing’) instead. Rooms or huts can be kivetu, but that has a completely different meaning. A himenju’het kivetu (literally: calm room) or a hiva’het kivetu (literally: calm hut) is a restroom (the latter case refers to one, which is not part of a bigger house, like certain public restrooms).

In these hectic times, we need some calmness in our respective lives. Thus, here some derivations:

‘kivetu: to be or become calm
kivetu’tan: calmness

Here is a sentence with the new word: Xe’ma’ta ‘kivetu ,xe’ni ‘isa himenju’het’han kivetu, lija. (1S-can-NEG (INF)be_calm ,1S-must (INF)go room-het-ALL calm, because)
I can’t calm down because I need to go to the bathroom.