Related to this word is:
hyji’het: error, mistake

Programmers in rejistanian have created a term for the kind of ‘undocumented features’ they often spend a lot of time removing (well, and creating):
hyji’het tiltil: crawling error
and later abbreviated it to hytil’het for bug. To remove these creatures from the code is called ‘hytil’ta’han (bug-negation-toward) (or just ‘kimtu: to repair, however that word uses a completely different stem).

I chose that word today because I encountered an interesting quote in a forum signature and was able to translate it without coining new words: Hytil’het’ny min’ma ‘rala’kimtu ,hamik’tan’ny mer’slani mi’kelda sjiki, venil. (bug-HET-PL 3PL-be_able (INF)-PASS-repair ,structure-TAN-PL %&/$%(-$/%($$/&(/ 3PL-remain forever(FUT), but) Bugs can be fixed but shitty design is forever.

Anyone wants to use this sentence as a translation challenge? I, personally, would love to see it in Toki Pona. 🙂