If Sapir and Whorf were right (in the strongest sense), the USA, the UK, Canada and many other nations where English is the main language would not be real democracies. Of course candidates could be elected, but since the English language lacks a handy expression like the German term “kandidieren” and has to use clumsy terms around it, it would mean that the people who are eligible are chosen by a king/president/giant penguin. 😉

Rejistanian was inspired by German in this respect and has the expression ‘atani. What makes this word so special? Mostly that I use it to illustrate derivation quite often since it was the first I encountered which exists in all noun classes. So I will present a quick excursion into the world rejistanian words.

The infinitive of a verb starts with an apostrophe. This only indicates the shift of the stress from the second to the first syllable and has no other phonetic quality. ‘atani: to run for office

The adjective or adverb is not marked: atani: related to a campaign/candidacy

The ‘he class refers to a person who is related to the word: atani’he: candidate

The ‘het class refers to a concrete object or thing (or at least to something more concrete than the ‘tan class): atani’het: campaign

The ‘tan class refers to abstract objects: atani’tan: candidacy.